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The school of Lentävänniemi is situated in a suburb of Tampere about 10 km north from the city centre. Our school is a primary school concisting on 6 forms. During this school year (2017-2018) we have 380 pupils in 16 classes and in 2 special classes. In pre school we have 60 children. The total number of the teachig staff is 25 teachers plus in pre school 6 persons. The pupils are entitled to a free meal and free health care at school.

Lentävänniemi area was built in the 70´s into a beautiful forest by the lake Näsijärvi. There are a few thousand people living in the area.
Lentavanniemi consists of block of flats of apartment buildings, terraced houses and detatched houses. We have shopping centre, lots of parks an playgrounds, kindegardens, a beach with sauna open to public the whole year round, a yach club and a primary school building with a big library available to all inhabitants of our suburb.


Rehtori - Headmaster - Rektor - der Direktor
Erkki Torvinen

Apulaisrehtori - Assistant Head - Biträdande rektor
Hannu Vuorinen e-mail: